Geo-nonwovens and needled nonwovens


Production of geo-nonwovens and needled nonwovens is based on the technology of two-sided needling and the finished product has the following parameters:

  • Ready-made product width up to 5000 mm
  • Ready-made product weight from 100 to 1000 g/m²

In the production process 100% polypropylene fibres and 100% polyester fibres or mixtures of those fibres are used. Primary fibre of 3,5 – 15 dtex and length 35 – 90 mm.


In the process of needling the nonwovens are pierced on both sides with special needles (10000/m2). It makes that particular fibres in the fleece are pulled and joined. Thanks to that the nonwovens are characterised with:

  • elastic and porous structure which if subjected to stress can transfer loads over a large area
  • elasticity
  • easy adaptation to the shape of the ground
  • resistance to stretching, tearing and puncturing due to contact with a rough surface which enables to use it while working with ground and building materials. Simultaneously it doesn't block water.

Needled nonwovens made of polypropylene fibres or polyester fibres are resistant to acids, alkalis, liquid fuels and natural environmental factors (fungi, moulds) and at the same time are not harmful for the environment.



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